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Maeve on A Praire Home Companion on October 15th

(Catch the full episode with Jack White and Lake Street Dive here)

Co-Hosting StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson on the The “Science” of Zombies with Robert Kirkman or “Is Our Universe a Simulation?” with Brian Greene

As a panelist on You’re The Expert with host Chris Duffy produced by Pretty Good Friends



Fancy Vittles was a TV show I made with my sister Lilly. It is cookery and comedy, like a pair of witches we invented a new art form! Some scamp put the whole thing on Youtube, so knock yourself out.

 Fancy Vittles Episode 1 part 1

Fancy Vittles Epsiode 1 part 2

I sometimes do stand up on TV, even though I don’t think the two are a good fit. But dog’s gotta eat, right?

Stand up (New Zealand TV)

Stand up and i/v with Stewart Lee

Interview and a curious incident with a baby