Maeve Higgins: We Have a Good Time, Don't We?

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We Have a Good Time…Don’t We? Maeve Higgins, comedian and lady, smashes the brittle veneer on the creme brulee of life and hands around spoons, so we can all taste the delicious absurdity that lies beneath. She then promises to stop making terrible        food analogies about everything.

From terrifying hen nights, malevolent dolphins and angry bakers, to runaway cats, a stalker who won’t commit and the curse of over-politeness, Maeve writes with warmth and wit about what it’s like to be a regular human girl. And, crucially, she finally reveals the
truth about her relationship with Michael Fassbender.

We Have a Good Time…Don’t We? introduces a strikingly original voice that celebrates the truth of what we really feel about ourselves through these hilarious and perceptive snapshots of a life considered.

“I love Maeve Higgins’ writing. The surreal world she describes with such wit and wisdom is strangely recognisable.”

Joseph O’Connor

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