A Rare Sight!

February 24th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Maeve is doing a brand new show for Australia and New Zealand called A Rare Sight and it’s with the super brilliant Nick Coyle. They’ll go first to The Brisbane Comedy Festival and then the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and then on to New Zealand.


Nick and Maeve realised they had chemistry onstage when Nick stood in one night to play Maeve’s ex-boyfriend in her 2008 Mebourne show Kitten Brides. It started as a five minute routine but stretched out to ten minutes when Nick did it –  the audience loved him, initially Maeve was envious but then realised it was for the best and wished she could do more stuff with Nick.

Maeve’s producer at the time, Mary Tobin, suggested Maeve and Nick do a full show together, but Maeve was too nervous to ask and thought that Nick wouldn’t want to. Finallly, on the last night of the festival after they finished their shows and a few bottles of south Australian cabernet savignon Maeve finally got the (dutch) courage to suggest it. Nick was delighted and agreed to fly to Ireland the following February.


The idea of the show is that Maeve and Nick are married and work together as helpful people that give polite talks to audiences  about how to live their best lives.

After working quite hard on our original idea, a married couple in space, they threw it all out the window (at two o’clock AM) and began again with a brand new idea: a married couple on earth. between writing, rehearsing and performing the show together they  worked so intensely it made the two realise that real marriage is not for them!

not funny, but true:

Both Maeve and Nick (despite being successful in each of our  in our countries of origin) have dedicated half a year on a project that will not make money. Or will make very little money. Because they both believe our collaboration could blow some minds. They love doing brave new stupid things because they’re international maverick renegades!

The writing process is currently being hampered by the following things:

  • Maeve’s undiagnosed Adhd
  • Maeve’s adorable/needy pets
  • Nick’s terrible tooth-ache
  • Irish chat shows where awkward women don’t know which camera to look at
  • jet lag
  • the language barrier
  • staying up quite late chatting and then getting up quite early to chat
  • Maeve’s national treasure status in Dublin

But it will definitely all be ready for Australia on the 11th. Definitely.

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  • 1 Susannah // May 7, 2010 at 9:24 am

    Hi there,
    we just went to your show at Bats and we enjoyed every second. We are really glad we went.
    I also like interesting facts and used to tell them at random but my facts were focused on things like Quirky Laws throughout History. One of them is that until the 18th century it was an English law that all mermaids found in British waters were property of his/her majesty.
    I should google that to make sure it’s true. Anyways thanks for the laughs. Susie

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